With our assistance ensure - for your family and yourself - a successful future in Austria.

Dear ambassadors, dear members of international organisations and embassies who work in our country. We aim to support you in achieving pleasant living conditions and security for you and your family. From the day of your arrival we can take charge of all arrangements necessary to help you settle in to your new life in Austria.

Our range

We don't want to be just an insurance broker, but a companion for your further life. Years of expierence lead to an unique service and the best offers compared to other brokers. To achieve all this, we use our network and arrange the best deals for diplomats and their families within all sectors of the insurance industry.

For your comfort you can contact us using the following languages:

  • English
  • Italian


Car and vehicle

Importing or buying a car:

We provide the technical expertise to manage all formalities, whether you wish to buy or import a vehicle. We can offer competitive terms of insurances such as third party (legal requirement), comprehensive, passenger, car legal protection insurance and many more.

Car repair:

We can arrange professional repair and organise a rental car for the mean time. Furthermore we also keep in touch with the assurer and try to do everything for your convenience.

Vehicle insurance:

As in Austria required, you will have to conclude a third party insurance for your vehicle. But there are much more oppotunities to safe you, your family and your car in case of an accident.


House and appartment

Finding a new home:

We can support you during the search and negotiation of the contract. Then we will assist you in arranging the appropriate insurance and setting up an insurance contract or check already given offers. Our expierienced partners will help you find the perfect accommondation.

Property insurance:

To face the awful truth: there is always a chance that something happens to your house or home. For those cases you will need the right partner and the right insurance. We are able to provide you with house hold insurances, home insurances, third party insurances, legal cost insurances and many more.


Risk precaution


It can happen everyday: You get up a ladder, trip, fall and in worst cases you become handicapped. To cover this life long circumstance a private accident insurance is absolutely necessary! This special insurance pays from up to 1 % invalidity and covers not just the follow-up costs, but also for example a helicopter rescue or other costs caused by an accident.

Health and disability:

Although the hospital standards in Austria are very high, there is always the need for an even better care. Especially when you are disabled or have any other chronic illness it is not necessary to risk anything. With our competent insurance partners we are able to provide you the insurance with the best price/perfomance rate.

Legal protection:

Our legal protection insurance will guarantee - assisted by our partners - that you can protect your rights and represent any claims with the help of an lawyer or in court. Furthermore there is the option of a free choice and commissioning of a lawyer.


Wealth creation

Life insurance:

The easiest way to protect your family in case of an unexpected death. This insurance pays high disbursements in connection with very low premiums. Perfect to secure the further life of your bereaved or a simple way to secure a credit or any other loan. For detailed information of the diffentent types of life insuranceses please contact Mr. Monschein or Mrs. Lang.


Retirement planning:

 Our pension plan will help you to maintain the same lifestyle even when retired. The younger you start to plan your pension, the cheaper are the premiums you pay until you have reached your goal. But even for over 50 year old people it is not yet to late and there are attractive concepts to increase in currency and financial precautions.



For further information or if you have any questions please contact us!