Being an entrepreneur is closely linked to a spirit of innovation, foresight, idealism, assertiveness, decisiveness, initiative, flexibility and, above all, financial stamina.

This applies to the young entrepreneur as well as to the professional who has been successfully leading his company for years through the difficulties of an increasingly demanding and fast-moving market with increasingly tougher framework conditions. Risk is one of the key elements of constant support on the path to success. On the one hand, that which you are ready to bear, on the other hand, the unpredictable and unwanted.


Everything is going well – and according to your ideas. And suddenly it happens: a small mishap, a technical defect or some other unforeseeable event. And plan digits start to falter, delivery times can no longer be met, there is no central server or network and so forth.

If damage or business interruptions due to fire, burglary robbery (including vandalism), tap water, storms and the like need to be dealt with in the event of a claim, it is good to be able to rely on a strong partner. Real assets are exposed to many risks. That is why we have bundled several insurance lines into an inexpensive security package – additionally equipped with free service extensions. We would be happy to inform you about the scope of services of the – freely selectable – individual divisions in a personal meeting.

The ARIS-Business-Package is specially designed for freelance professions as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and offers a maximum of security components. Since every company has its own identity, risks are very different depending on the industry, company size, use of technology, etc. You know best about the details yourself, we would be happy to inform you about useful combinations in a personal analysis meeting.

We have also negotiated separate packages for pharmacies and construction related trades, which cover the special needs of these industries.

Company buildings

Company buildings can be secured against fire, natural hazards and water damage. Individual, needs-based additional coverage options (disposal costs, indirect lightning, etc.) are available.

The complete factory equipment, goods and supplies

Raw materials, operating resources, semifinished and finished products can be protected against fire, burglary robbery (including vandalism), natural hazards and water damage. You can also take out comprehensive insurance for indoor and outdoor glazing. Additional covers (disposal costs, indirect lightning strikes, data carriers, contents of safes, etc.) make the operational protection expandable as required. Goods in transit, electronic devices, frozen food, even the luggage of guests in accommodation establishments can also be insured.

Business interruption

Is a machine or a building damaged, operations are also massively affected, or even an involuntary shutdown occurs. The contribution margin (operating income minus variable costs) is insured in the event of a partial or total interruption of the insured business. This reimburses you for ongoing fixed costs (such as personnel expenses, rents, debt interest, etc.) and the lost operating profit that would have been generated if operations had not been disrupted. The current business situation, market position and order situation are taken into account. Damage mitigation measures taken are also remunerated (overtime surcharges, setting up emergency operations, costs for rental machines, etc.). The sum insured is determined with regard to the expected contribution margin within the agreed indemnity period (3-24 months).


Business indemnity insurance

protects your company, and thus you too, from sensitive financial burdens caused by damage due to culpable behavior on the part of your employees. If a company becomes insolvent because of such damage, the owner or managing director (in partnerships) may be liable with all of his private assets. If there is no public indemnity insurance, a conviction for negligent Krida can also be expected. Personal advice and risk analysis are highly recommended.

Transport insurance

offers compensation for damage that occurred directly to the insured goods or property and applies to goods that are transported e.g. by train, car, post, plane or ship. The basic dangers of land, sea and air transport such as natural disasters, fire, transport accidents or aircraft and shipping accidents are covered. Theft and waterlogging can also be insured with a special agreement. The risk involved in transport is often underestimated, so advice and a risk analysis are urgently recommended.

Company pension schemes and outsourcing of severance pay claims

Severance payments that have to be made, a liquidity bottleneck – challenges for a company that can occur at any time, unexpected and sudden. You have surely made the right provisions for your property. However, is your company also protected when it comes to its most important capital?

Namely, about the employees who play a key role in the company’s success!

Employee motivation through an interesting form of salary increase. Commitment and loyalty to the company can be promoted not only by increasing salaries, but also by a well-designed company pension scheme. Company pension schemes (Direktversicherung gem. §3 Abs. 1 Zi. 15 lit. a EstG) can be comprehensive life, accident and / or health insurance for all employees or employees and their relatives selected according to objective criteria. Your company pays the premium, employees can pay a deductible. The bonus (€ 300.00 per year) is fully tax-deductible operating expenses and free of all ancillary wage costs. The devotion to the employee is therefore gross for net! Advantages for you as a company: The premiums are business expenses. No activation requirement.

Advantages for your employees: Interesting pension option with protection for the family in the event of death. Compensation for loss of income in the pension. Tax savings compared to a salary increase, as there is no social security contribution and no wage tax. No KESt. Income tax-free with one-off compensation.