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Every car owner has it, but hardly anyone knows about the benefits of a motor vehicle indemnity insurance. It not only protects you from high financial losses in the event of an accident, but also fends off unjustified claims. The minimum sum insured is currently (as of 2021) € 7.6 million. Increasing the sum insured up to € 30,000,000 often only costs a few euros a year.

comprehensive insurance

Have you bought a new car, or do you want to protect your used car? Then a comprehensive insurance meets your needs. We would be happy to explain the difference between full and partial comprehensive insurance to you personally. We would also be happy to show you the different costs.

passenger insurance

The passenger accident insurance pays the sum insured for permanent disability, rescue costs or death caused by the operation or the keeping of your vehicle on passengers.

It is particularly advisable to take out this insurance if you are frequently abroad, because large time problems can arise when processing claims with foreign insurers, especially with insurers in some countries. Often, however, there is also not a sufficient sum insured available. In the event of severe physical injury or the death of one of the passengers, however, the sum insured must be available as soon as possible so that you and your family can continue to live properly.

legal protection insurance

Even if you are by nature not one of the contentious people, a legal protection insurance is urgently recommended, at least for the motor vehicle sector. Especially when there are unclear legal situations in traffic accidents. It should also not be overlooked that in this case, your opponent is always a powerful and rich company, namely the opponent’s insurance company. Apart from that, traffic accidents with injured or even killed people always lead to criminal proceedings for negligence of bodily harm or homicide. In these criminal proceedings, insofar as they are heard before the regional court, a lawyer is generally required. Even in the event of an acquittal, you have to pay the costs of your legal counsel yourself.

Enclosed is an exemplary list of risks that are covered by legal protection insurance:


  • Compensation and criminal legal protection in the private and professional sector (employment)
  • Investment of assets in financial instruments (e.g. shares, bonds, funds) in accordance with § 48a Z3 Börsegesetz, environmental disturbances, as well as damage to health as a result of poorly manufactured drugs, vaccines, food and luxury goods up to an insured sum of a total of € 10.000
  • Extended criminal legal protection in the private and professional area (employment)
  • General contract legal protection in the private sector
  • Legal protection for part-time activities (maximum turnover of € 6.000 per year) up to an amount in dispute of € 3.500, –
  • Travel contract legal protection
  • Legal protection for disputes arising from insurance contracts (not about motor vehicles)
  • Driver legal protection
  • Contingency insurance for claims from bodily harm up to € 40.000 (within the scope of damages and criminal legal protection as well as driver legal protection)
  • Advice legal protection in Austria up to €100,- (incl. VAT)

Profession / pension

  • Labor court – legal protection
  • Social insurance – legal protection
  • Disputes over care allowance

Housing / property

  • Legal protection for property and rent for all those who are used exclusively for their own residential purposes – Buildings / apartments
  • Property legal protection for movable property
  • Inclusion possible: legal protection for (max. 2) privately rented residential units


  • Family legal protection
  • inheritance – legal protection

Additional protection

  • Investigation criminal legal protection up to € 10.000 (including VAT)
  • Legal protection for advisory opinion up to € 1.000 (including VAT)
  • Tax court – legal protection
  • Data – legal protection
  • Bullying legal protection up to € 500 (including VAT)
  • Anti-stalking – legal protection

All motor vehicles

  • Vehicle legal protection for all motor vehicles licensed to the policyholder and the co-insured persons without operational use on land with a maximum permissible weight up to 3.5 tons, on water, in the air and on trailers
  • Vehicle contract legal protection
  • Legal protection for disputes arising from motor vehicle insurance contracts
  • Contingency insurance for claims arising from personal injury up to € 40,000 (as part of legal protection for vehicles)

One motor vehicle

  • Vehicle legal protection for the vehicle named with the official licence plate (change licence plate free of charge)
  • Vehicle contract legal protection
  • Legal protection for disputes arising from the motor insurance contract
  • Contingency insurance for claims arising from personal injury up to € 40,000 (as part of legal protection for vehicles)